Calgary, Alberta


Women in the Wind International

The Rides!

BONUS! Free paper maps of both Calgary and Alberta will be provided when you arrive in Calgary. 

There are great day rides heading out in every direction from Calgary. Check back here close to event time for Google route maps that you can download to your phone or as a PDF. Here are some of our favourites.

Highwood Pass Loop (Friday ride option)

314 km (195 mi), 3-1/2 to 4 hours riding time

Enjoy beautiful mountain views as you head west from Calgary on the TransCanada Highway, then rise to 2,206 m (7237 ft) as you tour Kananaskis Country and ride the highest paved mountain pass in Canada!

Drumheller Badlands Ride

135 km (84 mi) one-way

Visit Alberta's spectacular badlands and enjoy a free ride on the historic Bleriot cable river ferry!

Lake Louise-Jasper Icefields Parkway

Lake Louise 182 km (113 mi) one-way

Full Distance to Jasper 412 km (256 mi) one-way

The Columbia Icefields and the roads along the way offer some of Canada's most amazing mountain scenery.

1A Highway to Banff and Beyond

Canmore 104 km (64 mi) one-way

Lake Louise 182 km (113 mi) one-way

This portion of the "old" Trans-Canada Highway is very popular with bikes on a sunny day. And for good reason: a slower pace, lots of twisties, great scenery and few automobiles. Ride from Calgary to Canmore and again from Banff to Lake Louise on this beautiful back road.

Elbow Falls/Forget-Me-Not Pond (Kananaskis Country)

approx 80 km (50 mi) one-way

Wonderful scenery accessible within a short ride west of Calgary.

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

45 km (26 mi) one-way

This idyllic spot is so close to Calgary you might not even get your tires warmed up! But be sure to stop for a leisurely ice cream cone at Mackay's in Cochrane on your way back.